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Wholesale Voice (IDD Voice Routing)

Wholesale Voice (IDD Voice Routing) service is a large capacity phone service consisting of large voice circuit or multiple circuits. Wholesale Voice is used by businesses engaged in telecommunications to provide local, long distance, DID, toll free, or international voice service as well as other applications including video conferencing, fax, and dial-up. Wholesale Voice service is also known as Wholesale VOIP, Wholesale DID, Wholesale Long distance, Wholesale Minutes, Wholesale Origination, Carrier Voice or Wholesale Termination.
Concurrent with the growth of population and growth in minutes of calls made per day, in the whole world, the voice market is also expanding and various voice carriers offer a wide range of international voice services and each of them tries to have a cost effective and high quality service.
NGT Networks have been active in the telecommunication field for over 10 years. We have a good reputation as a neutral wholesale voice carrier in South East Asia with direct, Tier1s, and indirect routes for various destinations around the globe. We have live and potential traffic, around 200 million minutes of voice traffic a month and have more than 200 interconnections from the best international voice carriers. All our calls are routed with good and stable quality, scalable and trustable termination points.

Wholesale Data (Data Connectivity Leased Line)

Wholesale Data (Data Connectivity Leased Line) is a private data connection, securely connecting two or more locations with dedicated leased line speeds. It is similar to an office network but on a much larger scale. A dedicated leased line is a closed network data transport service which does not traverse the public Internet and is inherently secure with no data encryption needed. Leased line service provides unparalleled quality of service (QoS) as it is not a shared service and follows the same direct dedicated leased line network path every time. Leased line connectivity is used by businesses to provide reliable, secure point-to-point data service for applications such as credit card processing, file sharing, data backup, VOIP and video conferencing.
We have a range of offerings under Data Connectivity, namely IRU, IPLC and IEPL.

IRU (Indefeasible Rights to Use) is a leasing circuit. It is a long term lease in particular, for high investment cable especially submarine cable. This normally comes with 10Gbps and above bandwidth. Customer purchases the right to use exclusively and unrestricted, within a certain capacity of the system for a specified number of years to resell it.

IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) functions as a point-to-point private line and are usually TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) circuits utilising the same circuit amongst many customers. The offered circuit does not include DWDM switches and routers. IPLC goes through terrestrial cables and comes with short term leasing.

IEPL (International Ethernet Private Line) is a true Ethernet circuit from one end to another. This solution comes with short term leasing and includes switches/routers. It is end-to-end bandwidth managed and dedicated connectivity over a reliable DWDM platform technology from one customer Exchange to another Exchange. Speed ranges from 100Gbps or 10-90Gbps with increments of 10Gbps. Customers leasing the circuit can operate without deployment of a router by just configuring the circuit on MAC address level. IEPL provides less jitter and higher performance.

With a robust global backbone network and peering with global telecom carriers, NGT Networks provides high-end quality, cost-effective, end-to-end service across international routes with redundancy links.

A2P Messaging

Commonly known as Enterprise Messaging Solution or professional SMS, A2P (Application-to-Person) is any kind of traffic in which a person is receiving messages from an application. Entities use it in several technical modes to communicate with consumers, authenticate users of online services, or deliver time-sensitive alerts. Communication is initiated from a business application and not an individual’s mobile phone.
Examples of A2P messaging:
  • 2FA (Two-factor Authentication)
  • Loyalty program and marketing notifications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Voting and surveys
  • Banking notifications
  • Anti-fraud alerts
  • Automatic booking confirmations
  • Payment reminders
  • Balance statements
The process involved in sending an A2P SMS message is very similar to that of sending a P2P SMS message. The key difference between the two is that the SMS message is now being sent from Enterprise or Content Provider’s application rather than from a mobile phone.
With a wide converged network in Asia Pacific, NGT Networks provides seamless assistance to setup interconnections between MNO (Mobile Network Operator) and Content Providers .

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